Name Meaning


From Paul, a name of Latin origin, meaning ‘little one.’
Insight and understanding of others, he has.
Everyone can see his great potential and talent.
Family comes first in his life.
Depends on the talent of a good team.
Works at a high level of efficiency.
A loving person is what he is.
Created a life of joy and expectation.


From Kevin, a name of Irish origin, meaning “a gentle man.”
He is persistent and patient.
His friendly personality lights up a room.
Is not afraid to try something new.
Dedicated to giving others their fair share.
Likes to be around people on the go.
Courage and confidence help him achieve.
He seeks out new experiences.


From Jonah, a name of hebrew origin, meaning “a dove.”
Someone others can count on.
His love is like a child’s unconditional.
Patience is one of his greatest virtues.
Respect and confidence are words he lives by.
Understands what is not always expressed.
Believes that time is a great healer.
Satisfied to be in the right place at the right time.