KJO’s phone interview with Kevin

July 25th, 2008

Below you can find my phone interview with Kevin, as well as a transcript because it’s a little hard to understand him at some points since we had to record the interview using my digital camera and setting my cell to speaker. I wish I could have done it at home, and actually use my phone recorder, but we were seeing the guys in concert a few hours after this so it was the only way we could do it. I only wrote up the main questions, not the small talk. Thanks again to everyone who made this possible, enjoy!


Kevin Jonas Interview
July 25th, 2008

Stephanie: So, you’re in Hershey, Pennsylvania right now. And this is your first leg of the Burning Up tour, how have things been going so far?

Kevin: It’s been going really, really well. The tour has been amazing and we’re really enjoying every single minute.

Stephanie: Oh that’s awesome, what’s it like to be playing sold out crowds right now compared to the crowds you had when you first started?

Kevin: It’s incredible, we’re at Hershey tonight. It’s just unbelievable, it’s been amazing you know? We played here last year, we did have a sell out last year, but it was a little, little, little show. And now we’re in the huge stadium and it’s pretty incredible.

Stephanie: Awesome! So on this new tour, we know you’re playing a lot of songs from your new album ‘A Little Bit Longer,’ which is set to release August 12th. How is this one different from your previous albums?

Kevin: This one is different, because I think it’s a good continuation of who we are as the Jonas Brothers, but it’s not as a band. I mean, who we are as a band. I’m sorry, correct. It’s just a continuation of who we are, but I think we got more in depth with our specialties*, who we want to be, what songs we want to talk about, and all that stuff.

Stephanie: Yeah, we know you guys basically write all of your own stuff, what do you like most about the whole song writing process?

Kevin: The whole song writing process is amazing. Being able to get together and enjoy that is really incredible.

Stephanie: And a lot of people have been asking, are we going to get to hear more of your vocals on the new CD? Or are you still doing the background, you know?

Kevin: You know, I love playing background parts because it’s complicated and it’s fun, I love it.

Stephanie: So, you just prefer it better?

Kevin: So I can focus on my guitar playing on this next record. I really, really tried to step that up a notch and I tried to do my best at it.

Stephanie: Oh yeah, awesome. Okay, so I know before this tour, you did some shows in the UK. How did those go? And are you excited to go back?

Kevin: Oh, absolutely. The shows in the UK were fantastic, we can’t wait to go back. Touring with Avril over there was so, you know, awesome. We were so honored that we were able to do that. But more importantly, we never dreamed that we’d actually get the opportunity to tour overseas, now we have and it’s incredible.

Stephanie: And with your building fan base, how do you feel you’ve transitioned with all the fame and recognition you’ve been receiving?

Kevin: I think, for us, we’ve just been trying to taking every single day as it comes along. Even when you’re at the top, live like you’re at the bottom and we’re still living by that motto and try to do that every single day.

Stephanie: Yeah, great! Because things are so crazy, are there things you do now that you couldn’t do before? And is there anything you missing being able to that you can’t do now because your faces are everywhere and everyone knows who you are?

Kevin: I think the newest one would probably be there was a movie we went to go see and they had to shut down the entire theater for us.

Stephanie: Oh, wow. That’s crazy! We know other than touring, you have a whole bunch of projects coming up. One of which is the airing of the Disney Channel Games this Sunday. How was it to actually compete in the games this year?

Kevin: To compete in the games this year was incredible. We actually had a blast and we had soo much fun. You know, it was incredible, incredible time. And being able to compete against each other in the games was awesome. We definitely would not have it any other way.

Stephanie: What was one of the most difficult challenges for you?

Kevin: Most difficult challenges for me, probably just be all the pyshical stuff, just running around, going crazy.

Stephanie: Mhm, a lot of work. Another thing we’re all highly anticipating is the premiere of the Disney Channel series J.O.N.A.S. And we know it was already pushed back because of the writers’ strike. Can you tell us anything about the current status with the series?

Kevin: Actually, no, not really. We’re still waiting ourselves. We’re still waiting to hear. We’re ready to jump into the production process, you know, writing scripts and things like that; constantly. We’re just waiting to hear, but we’re really, really excited about all the opportunities that are going to be happening.

Stephanie: Mhm, okay. And another one that’s been floating around as a rumor is something about a fashion line. Is that an actual possibility or is it just something you would want to do?

Kevin: I think that’d definitely be something we would want to do. You know, as the Jonas Brothers, you always hear about fashion and stuff like that. So just keep your eyes peeled because it possibly could happen.

Stephanie: Oh, okay! Well, we have some questions from the fans. And one of these ties in with the whole fashion topic. And one of them wants to know, how many pairs of shoes do you own? And what’s your favorite brand?

Kevin: I wear all different kinds of shoes, but definitely boots are my favorite. You know, I wear all different kinds, but my Dior boots are definitely my favorite.

Stephanie: Oh, nice, nice. Aubrey from North Carolina wants to know what’s your favorite kind of sushi?

Kevin: My favorite kind of sushi is definitely, probably the… it’s called the crunchy roll. It has the [tempura] on it, as well as a few other things, its really good.

Stephanie: Oh, okay, that’s sounds good! We’ve read before that you like to paint. What type of painting do you do and what influences your paintings?

Kevin: You know, all different things. I love to paint, it’s so much fun. It’s a great way for me to just go on with my day and kill time, it’s fun. You know, in high school, I really started liking painting and things like that. It’s really nice to be able to just sit down and do what I want.

Stephanie: Yeah, that’s awesome. Well, we know you like reading signs that your fans make for you for the shows. Is there a certain one that stuck in your memory? Do you have any favorite signs that you’ve seen?

Kevin: There’s so many different signs, all the time. It’s really fun just having different signs out there. You know, they’re so creative. There’s new ones we’ve never seen every single night and I could definitely not choose a favorite.

Stephanie: Mhm, there’s so many, yeah. And Amanda wants to know what was it like when you found out you were the first artist asked to perform at the VMAs?

Kevin: It was incredible, you know, to find out we were going to perform at the VMAs was amazing. And we’re just really shocked, you know. It’s a gift, it’s like the best thing ever.

Stephanie: Yeah. Ashley from Florida wants to know what’s the best memory you have from your childhood?

Kevin: Ooh, I remember going to a carnival and absolutely loving it. Texas state fair which is actually a very ironic thing because we’ve played there before, but going to the Texas state fair growing up was incredible.

Stephanie: Okay! Tabitha from Indiana, she wants to know how was it playing the airhead on Camp Rock and do you think acting is something you would want to keep doing?

Kevin: Acting is definitely something I want to keep doing, I love it. The airhead is incredible, I love it. And, you know, I had a blast doing it. It was fun playing a role that was off center from who I am.

Stephanie: Okay, so I have to ask… how many birdhouses have you received since Camp Rock first premiered?

Kevin: I’ve received THOUSANDS by now, it’s incredible. I received, I think it was 136 the other night at the venue. Just really incredible.

Stephanie: Oh my gosh, wow! Okay, if you could choose your single greatest moment in life so far, what would it be?

Kevin: I think, just any moment as the Jonas Brothers. You know, I can’t even choose a favorite. Just too incredible, we absolutely love it. And we love what we do, we definitely would never want to change moments like this. Moments like even tonight, playing here, is just going to be insane.

Stephanie: Mhm, okay. If you could learn to play any other instrument, what would it be and why? We always see you rocking out on the guitar.

Kevin: I think, you know, the mandolin. I play a little bit on the tour right now and it’s a blast. I have an incredible time doing it. I really enjoy it because it kind of relates to country music and things like that.

Stephanie: Oh yeah, country’s awesome.

Stephanie: Do you have anything you’d like to say to the fans and visitors of KevinJonasOnline?

Kevin: Yeah, just thank you so much for all the support! And I really appreciate everything you guys. And we’ll talk to you soon.